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Songwriting Classes
Music Industry Experience

   Open to musicians, lyricist, music majors and singers

                                What you will learn:

1.   Proven ways to improve your songwriting skills

2.   How to write or co-write songs that make money

3.   What music publishers and recording artists are looking for

4.   What record companies are looking for

5.   How and when  to get your song heard  

6.   How to get hit song writers to write with you

7.   What scams to avoid

8.   How not to waste time and money

9.   How to better your odds of achieving your songwriting goals 

Enroll in these classes if you want to take your songwriting to the next level or are new to song writing and want to get started on the right track.

You should not take these classes

1.   If you think you already write great songs and just need to get them heard by the right person.

2.   If you can’t take constructive criticism.

For more information Call 800-537-7748 or email terry@audiotherapy.com 

Venue and Terry's music credentials: http://www.silversoundguitar.com/instructors/