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                       Calming by Association and Distraction     

     Some of the classic nursery songs on this album have been sung
to relax infants and children for hundreds of years. Since 1985, my
research backed versions of these songs have been played to calm
millions of infants, children and adults in homes and hospitals.   
    Music can be as powerful as drugs to stimulate, relax and alter
moods. Popular songs can evoke all kinds of feelings, emotions,
memories and mental images. Have you had an experience where
you heard a favorite record from your past you had not heard in a
while? Did your thoughts flash back to circumstances or events you
had earlier in your life? Did you think about where you were, who you
were with, or what you were doing at the time? Did you experience
the same feelings you got when you listened to the record back then?
Whether your memories and feelings were positive or negative, you
will have to agree that hearing it was a powerful temporary distraction
from the thoughts and feelings you were having before your heard it.                          
    All of us don’t have the same musical taste. It’s different strokes for different folks.  For example, some people love country music while
others are annoyed by it. Some people enjoy listening to complex
classical music for entertainment and relaxation. For them, it’s a
positive distraction from what they don’t want to think about. Others
don’t like to hear classical music, because for them, it is an irritating
distraction that interrupts their train of thought and causes them to
become anxious.          
   There are certain songs that can affect people in the same way no
matter what their musical taste happens to be. When the
“Star Spangled Banner” is performed, most Americans experience
the same feelings and emotions. Marches fight songs, drum cadences,
and dance music can energize us and increase our stamina.        
   Most people recognize the time tested simple melodies on this
album and associate them with positive memories and calming.
Listening to the Heartbeat Lullabies can cause you to flashback to a
time when you sung these songs to calm a loved one or when they 
were sung to you to make you feel safe, secure, special, wanted,
loved, and valuable.              

   What makes Heartbeat Lullabies more calming than other versions
of the same songs? An actual human heartbeat is recorded from the
chest and used to maintain a constant tempo for each song. All of the
song tempos are in the same range as the pulse rates of adults at rest.
The musical arrangements are simple but sophisticated. The
instruments are orchestrated to reinforce the melody and compassion
in the singer’s voice. Each song is gradually embellished with new
sounds to keep your interest and focus without over stimulating you.
Even if these songs are new to you, hearing them presented in this
unique way can be a positive relaxing distraction from what is keeping
you awake or making you anxious.         
   The more you play the recordings to relax the more conditioned you
are to associate relaxation with hearing the therapeutic music. This
consistent practice will lead to quicker calming and falling asleep faster.    

    Nurses, social workers, clinical psychologists and others are
discovering  the Heartbeat Lullabies can calm people suffering from
Dementia, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, Insomnia, and chronic pain. 
   If you have questions, comments, would like a free copy to play in
your facility or want to purchase Adult Lullaby Therapy CDs       

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