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 Terry is an informative and entertaining guest on national,
 regional and local media. He’s been interviewed on over
 400 local TV news stories, TV talk shows, and talk radio
 programs in American and Canadian cities.
              SELECT  MEDIA COVERAGE    
                National Television Shows
            •  Americas Health Network, “Ask the Pediatrician”    
            •  QVC        
            •  CBS Network, “Up to the Minute”        
            •  CBC, Canada, “Journal Diary”
            •  ABC Family Channel, “700 Club”        
            •  Cable TV, “America’s Talking AM”
            •  TNN Network, “American Magazine”    
            •  Pet Care TV
                National Radio Broadcasts
            •  BBC Worldwide Radio            
            •  Animal Planet Radio
            •  Paul Harvey News            
            •  Prime Time America
            •  The Joey Reynolds Show            
            •  Business Radio Network
            •  Family News in Focus            
            •  Australian Broadcasting Company
            •  Moody Bible Network
                Print Coverage—Newspapers and Trades
            •  Los Angeles Times                    
            •  Cleveland Plain Dealer
            •  PA Today, Physician’s Assistant Magazine            
            •  Home Life Magazine
            •  American Association of Respiratory Care            
            •  Employee Benefit News
            •  Images, American Radiological Nurses Association        
            •  Benefits Canada
            •  National Advocate, National Association of Foster Parents    
            •  Baby Talk Magazine
            •  The Healthcare Marketing Report                
            •  St. Petersburg Times
            •  Mother of Twins Magazine                    
            •  Dallas Morning News
            •  Kansas City Star
            •  National Enquirer

Contact information
P.O.Box 550
Colorado Springs, CO